Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Not Your Late Nite Foodie Call

When my husband suggested I run out for a speciality food item, I burst into song: "I'm not your late night foodie call."

I'm not sure he was impressed with my cleverness, but the tune got me thinking about work. Specifically, my role in human resources; what my job is--and isn't, since confusion seems to abound about the purpose and role of Human Resources. In this post, I thought I would elaborate on and invite other HR professionals to chime in about what HR isn't. In another post, we can talk about what HR is.

Here goes:

I'm not your concierge.
I'm not your therapist.
I'm not your party-planner.
I'm not your golden ticket.
I'm not your Fairy Godmother.
I'm not your knight in shining armor, swooping in to solve all your problems for you.

HR folks, let's hear from you!


Michael said...

I'm not your shrink

I'm not a tax advisor!

I'm not a crying towel.

I'm not your frigging message service!

April said...

I'm not your Admin Assit

I'm not your minute taker

I'm not your receptionist

I'm not your janitor

Kelly Marie said...

I'm not your babysitter!
I'm also not Toby from the Office (that isn't even clever-but I've gotten it)

Lynda said...

I'm not your counselor at your beckin call!
I'm not your financial advisor!
I'm not your fortune teller!
I'm not your life guide!
I'm not your magician...I can't make things go away!

Lisa said...

I am not your mother, your father or your punching bag.

roolvoel said...

I am not in charge of cleaning the refrigerator, killing bugs, changing lightbulbs because you can't see, or handling messes in the bathroom. That is why we have building services. Call them.

Creative Chaos Consultant said...

I am NOT the Angel of Death. Conducting layoffs, terminations, etc. is not my sole purpose at this organzation.

As You Wish said...

I'm not your Office Manager.

I'm not your PR/Advertising staff.

I'm not the keeper of all company office supplies.

I'm not the company photographer.

I'm not your BFF.

I'm not your Concierge.

Corporate Daycare said...

I'm not automatically on your side.

I'm not automatically against you.

I am not a marriage counsellor/ therapist.

I am not a hall monitor.

I am not Stacey from "What Not to Wear" and will not offer career clothing counselling.

sthrngal said...

I'm not the receptionist
I'm not lunch delivery
I'm not the babysitter for clients/employyes kids
I'm not the replacement (random employee in another department), because he's on vacation.
I"m not your insurance adjuster, mechanic or appointment booking coordinator.

And I don't make coffee.

sthrngal said...
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