Saturday, June 20, 2009

13 Things Your HR Person Won't Tell You

Have you read the Readers Digest series: Things your (hairdresser/waiter/boss) won't tell you?

Let's do thirteen things your HR manager won't tell you. Write your comments below and maybe if we get good response, we can send them on to Readers Digest.

For example:

I'm human and it is not easy to give people bad news or to see people suffer after making mistakes. For example, I have seen people waive health insurance and later change their mind but it's too late; the carrier won't let them on. And on my desk right now is a request for an employment verification concerning a previous employee. The person was termed for falsifying timesheets. Maybe he is hoping I can spin it, but I can't. It is what it is.


Ben Eubanks said...

We don't enjoy firing people. We just do it. It hurts us just as much as it does the terminated person sometimes, but we really don't have a choice once all other options are exhausted.

Great idea, Krista!

Creative Chaos Consultant said...

We keep secrets. If we're true professionals employees know that they can speak with us confidentially and it won't spread throughout the company. We only share information with those that need to know.

Krista Ogburn Francis said...
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Andrew Brazoban said...

It is highly unlikely to get unemployment if you say "I quit" and/or storm out. Because you are either resigning or abandoning your job.

Andrew Brazoban said...
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