Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stand Out...In a Good Way

On Thursday, DC’s Hot 99.5 radio host Kane mentioned a product marketed as helpful for hot dates and job interviews: bra inserts giving women the appearance of being—how shall I say this?—highly enthusiastic. Talk about making your interview outfit POP!

Is this really a good thing, Kane asked doubtfully? Will it help land the job?

A former recruiter called in and assured him it was a bad idea. She also mentioned she's not shy and would probably suggest band aids to an interviewee arriving in that state.

Most interviewers won't give you such blunt feedback on your appearance, but skimpy interview attire can absolutely cost you the job. Obviously there are a few jobs in niche industries paying women to flaunt their wares. If that’s the case, dress accordingly. But most of us are applying for a regular job in a regular setting. You can be a woman* but show your sexuality in an understated way appropriate to a business environment. Your attire should be not too short, too tight, too low-cut; and certainly, not all three or you only compound things.

Focus on showcasing your talents, degree, successes, references. To be taken seriously, flaunt your brains, not what’s in your blouse.

photo by fabiogis50, flickr

*I am focusing on women since I’ve never had a man come to an interview provocatively dressed.


Ben Eubanks said...

I can't say that I've dressed provocatively for an interview, but I have asked lots of women how my attire was, because they're a much better judge of style/class than I could ever be. :-)

Krista Ogburn Francis said...

Thanks for your comment, Ben. I look forward to meeting you at HRevolution, provocative attire or not!

Graham Salisbury said...

I once had the dubious pleasure of interviewing an undoubtedly attractive and unquestionably well endowed young lady who had come along to her interview for a senior sales role with the intention of displaying the full range of her assets!

Wearing a low-cut blouse, she insisted in delivering a presentation which gave her the opportunity to regularly lean forward and thrill the all-male interview panel with a glimpse of her physical beauty.

As a red-blooded male, I awarded her 10/10.

As a recruitment manager, charged with the responsibility for hiring professional sales personnel who would be a credit to the company with its clients and customers, she got 0/10.

Cover up your body, show off your brains!