Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lucky Engagement

Several times I've posted Lucky Dube videos on FaceBook and Twitter. Most posts probably get lost in the stream, but one or two people might wonder, "What is this obsession Krista has with this guy?"

In a word, engagement.

Lucky Dube was a South African musician whose name some might say failed him; he was murdered in 2008. But while he was alive, he was fully engaged in his art. Incidentally, it was said he eschewed coffee, alcohol, and drugs; the energy and passion you see is all from inside.

He was passionate, alive, full of joy and energy! He was in his element on stage.

And notice from these videos that his back-up singers and musicians are fully engaged, smiling and dancing and loving every minute.

And his audience is in heaven: thrilled to be there, fully in the moment.

We could all ask: Do I have half the energy, passion, playfulness, self-expression, love of life that Lucky had? Can I find joy in each performance, each day, each task? Can I share the stage, inspire harmony, coordinate to make beautiful music with others? Do I give people their money's worth--and then some? Do I leave my customers thrilled and happy and always wanting more? Do I inspire others and leave a lasting legacy?

Lucky was an artist, a performer; I am not suggesting that we dance and sing around the office. But home and work might be happier places if we could find ways to translate such passion and energy into HR, teaching, parenting, social work, management, nursing!

One final video. The quality is not great, but I chose to include it under the theory that engagement does not require perfect circumstances.

Thanks for indulging my tribute to a favorite artist and role model. Now, go engage with life!

(Lucky, RIP--if you wish to rest, which I doubt. You're probably dancing and singing in your afterlife.)


deinandra said...
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deinandra said...

You have posted two of my favorite Lucky Dube videos. Here is one of my favorite quotes about him:

A very big tree has fallen, a tree bigger than the oak. A tree whose branches swing with great whistling music all across the world, a tree that stands tall and rubs shoulders with others, a tree that provides perfect shade filled with love and affection, passion and emotions. -Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti

Krista Ogburn Francis said...

Thanks, Deinandra, that is a beautiful quote.

I love both these songs but "I Got You Babe," has to be my favorite. I could watch it all day, every day, I think.

leeabel said...

Thank you for sharing Lucky and for sharing that quote. He was an amazing human being who triumphed against all odds. He too was my favorite artist as well as my personal hero and cherished friend. For those who want to know more about his amazing life, please check my article/photos at http://www.reggaereport.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=137&Itemid=46